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Automated Lab Equipment is increasingly becoming in demand as laboratories require for higher throughput and automation. These laboratory automation equipment are optimized and automated from conventional sample preparation techniques, and designed to increase laboratory productivity. Various types of RayKol automated lab equipment has become parts of sample preparation worklfow in analytical and life science laboratories, such as automated solid phase extraction systems, automated liquid handling systems and automated evaporation systems, in the application fields of food safety, environment and life science. The custom-driven features in high throughput, high flexibility, high compatibility and high automation of raykol lab automation equipment is capable to meet the standard requirements of your methods and applications.

Different Types Of Automated Lab Equipment

Analytical Laboratory Equipment

RayKol provides a variety of lab automation systems for sample preparation of analytical laboratories, feature in high throughput and efficiency.

Integration for Lab Automation

RayKol provides mulfunctional automated sample prepartion workstations and systems as a fully automatic lab solutions for the pre-analytic phase in analysis.

Laboratory Consumables

RayKol provides three main laboratory consumables for automated lab equipments, feature in high quality and flexibility.

Lab Automation Equipment Advantages

Error Reduction

Human error is the main source of experimental errors in sample preparation. Using automated laboratory instruments to realize programmed workflow can reduce the inconsistencies caused by manual operations in all steps of the sample preparation process.

Increased Producitivity

Automated lab equipment can execute all repetitive and time-consuming tasks as programmed, saving up time for other analytical works.

Long-term Cost Reduction

Reduce cost in the long term as increase productivity, and minimal solvent usage with precision and accuracy of automation.

Safe Working Conditions

Automated laboratory equipment reduces the long-term contact with hazardous chemicals, protect operators from the risks of performing hazardous operations and handling hazardous.

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