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Pressurized Fluid Extraction

Extraction of organic compounds from complex matrices is commonly seen as a challenging problem in modern sample preparation. Analytes of insterest such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon(PAH) and polychlorinated biphenyls(PCB) can easily be adsorbed to sample matrices, causing seperation failure using conventional liquid extraction. Besides, conventional liquid extraction methods such as Soxhlet extraction require large solvent consumption and long extraction time, consequently, low efficiency became a common issue to lab productivity. 

Based on these above, RayKol HPFE 06's high-throughput pressurized fluid extraction system can raise the boiling point of solvents using high pressure. And with high temperature, solubility and diffusibility of target compounds are increased substantially, to reduce extraction time to 15 to 30 minutes from more than 10 hours and decrease solvent consumption to 20 to 50mL from 200mL, therefore boosting efficiency and lower extraction cost.

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pressurized fluid extraction
pressurized fluid
pressurized fluid

Features of Pressurized Fluid Extraction

  • High compatibility, widely applied in extraction of solid and semi-solid matrices

  • Smart software control, intuitive user interface

  • Compact and airtight structure, active ventilation

  • Comprehensive safety measures for extreme pressure and temperature

Pressurized Fluid Extraction

What is Pressurized Fluid Extraction?

Pressurized fluid extraction (PFE), as known as Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) and Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE), it  is a sample preparation technique that can extract targeted compounds from a sample matrix directly into solvent for subsequent analysis. It combines heat and pressure with solvents to achieve fast and efficient extration of analytes from solid matrix, such as soils. With PFE, sample is placed in the pressurized extraction cell under elevated temperature, pump solvent into the cell until it is filled, and then allowed to equilibrate under static conditions for a predefined time. Then the extract is pumped out of the cell and is collected for following analysis. 

Compared to Soxhlet Liquid Extraction, pressuried fluid extraction can be time-saving and has less solvent consumption.

Specifications of Pressurized Fluid Extraction

Extraction channel6
Pump pressure rangeAtmospheric pressure to 200bar(20MPa)
Flow rate0 to 70mL/min
Temperature rangeRoom temperature to 200°C (±1°C)
Solvent capacity4
Extraction cell11mL, 22mL, 34mL
Collection vials60 to 370mL
Software interface10-inch built-in screen
Dimension72cm x 56cm x 77cm
Power supply200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power rate1600W
Storage temperature0 to 40°C
Storage humidity20 to 85%
Operating temperature10 to 40°C
Operating humidity20 to 80%

Pressurized Fluid Extraction Application

Pressurized Fluid Extraction is an efficient liquid extraction using solvents under elevated temperature and pressure to fully extract target compounds. Compared to conventional extraction methods, it has less average extraction time and solvent consumption. Pressurized fluid extraction can be applied and used in the extraction from solid and semi-solid matrices, especially for hard-to-extract substances. It has been widely applied in extraction of organic substances from solid waste, soil and sediment. 




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