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2023 RayKol Group Highlights

We cannot see time

But we can witness the power of time.

Looking back,

There is always a rich emotion rising in our hearts.

Let's follow the course of time together

And revisit the highlights and challenges of RayKol Group in 2023!

Continuous Innovation

"Innovation leads progress, strengthens the strong, and prevails over others through innovation." In 2023, RayKol Group launched 17 innovative products, providing creative solutions to help laboratories create more value. With the opening up after the pandemic, RayKol Group's overseas business has flourished, with projects landing in continents such as Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa, taking domestically produced scientific instruments to the world.

Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Fujian Province 2023

National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of 2023


In 2023, RayKol Group plans to implement the international standard for innovation management of intellectual property (ISO56005). At present, RayKol Group has authorized 277 patents, including 26 invention patents, 126 utility models, 61 appearance patents, 60 software copyrights, and 4 audio-visual copyrights.

Gathering and Seek

Focusing on the construction of automated proteomics smart laboratories, RayKol Group and QL Bio reached strategic cooperation


In February, RayKol Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with QL Bio. The two parties will work together to build an automated proteomics smart laboratory to build diagnostic and therapeutic protein biomarkers on the clinical side and pharmaceutical companies. Transform and provide automated complete solutions.

RayKol Group-Jingyuan Environmental Joint Laboratory was established


In February, RayKol Group and Zhejiang Jingyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated to build the "RayKol Group-Jingyuan Environmental Joint Laboratory" to help the development of the environmental inspection and testing industry in terms of technological innovation and application scenario demonstration.

Central South Institute of Metallurgical Geology and RayKol Group Joint Laboratory Unveiled


In March, the "Central South Institute of Metallurgical Geology-RayKol Group Joint Laboratory" was unveiled. The establishment of this laboratory will help optimize resource allocation, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, and contribute to the ecological environment.

Southwest University of Science and Technology Analysis and Testing Center-RayKol Group Joint Laboratory Unveiled


In May, the Southwest University of Science and Technology Analysis and Testing Center-RayKol Group Joint Laboratory was unveiled. Both parties leverage their respective advantages to develop pre-processing and testing equipment with high automation and efficiency, especially for special needs such as explosive energetic materials and radiation hazards in the nuclear industry, and provide smart laboratory construction solutions for environmental, food, pharmaceutical, etc. inspections , especially the defense industry has contributed!


"RayKol Scientific Instrument Scholarship" was established to help cultivate scientific and technological innovation talents in China


In December, RayKol Group established a scholarship in the field of intelligent instruments and equipment at Xiamen University to help cultivate China's scientific and technological innovation talents. In the future, RayKol Group will also continue to strengthen interaction and exchanges with major universities and colleges to help cultivate more outstanding talents in various industries and make greater contributions to improving human health and well-being.


"RayKol After-Sales Service" mini program launched


In March 2023, the "RayKol After-sales Service" applet was launched and was interconnected with the "RayKol School". Based on live broadcast replays, training registration, practical demonstrations, and solutions, the content enriched the operating procedures, installation conditions, For instrument maintenance, software operation, etc., you can also directly make appointments for repair, installation and online training to help solve customers' daily problems in one stop.

30 customer training sessions to warm customers with subtle services


In 2023, RayKol Group will hold 30 customer training sessions, serving 580 service units, and the "Thousand Mile Journey" training program will travel to 10 cities to continue to empower customers and the industry.

With ONE Heart

Different speeds, same love, 2024 RayKol New Year Marathon begins


The annual RayKol New Year Marathon is here as scheduled. A group of people, with one heart, are walking together... Every achievement, every moment, every footprint is condensed with the sweat of struggle, watering the flowers of dreams.

The sequence of years changes, another glorious chapter begins

2024, let us join hands.

The vastness is boundless, but the sail is sailing but the trade wind!

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