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With the continuous advancement of industrial processes, the concept of laboratories has also emerged. Laboratories mean automation, digitization, and informatization of laboratories, with laboratory automation as their main feature. Laboratory automation systems have brought about significant changes to diagnostic testing, research and development, and production laboratories. For diagnostic testing laboratories, samples must be processed and analyzed quickly and accurately, with complete traceability, and compliance with certification quality standards and established standards. This requires automation throughout the entire process from sample arrival to testing process to result recording to test reports. Currently, clinical testing laboratories are at the forefront of laboratory automation.

Laboratory automation systems are the mainstream laboratory automation equipment currently available

Laboratory automation systems are divided into several parts including automation equipment, software and information, standalone robots, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), and other equipment and software. Many large instrument manufacturers participate in automated laboratory systems, mainly applied in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, research institutions, hospitals, laboratories, and universities.

The market development prospects of laboratory automation systems

The global laboratory automation market is huge with enormous development potential. Although many automated analytical instruments are available for sample detection and research and development, analytical and testing work only accounts for a small part, with sample pre-processing taking up more than 65%. Currently, sample pre-processing is all done manually, requiring a large amount of manpower to perform repetitive work, and the sample pre-processing procedures are all different. Currently, available standard automated pipetting systems are difficult to meet their needs. Laboratory automation system manufacturers conduct research and development into customized laboratory automation systems and lab automation equipment based on actual user needs, including integrated laboratory solutions, mobile robots, medical multi-axis robotic arms, etc., fundamentally solving the problems faced by intelligent medical laboratories.

In the future, laboratory automation will realize the automation of the entire process of sample preparation, analysis and testing, result recording and analysis, and free researchers from simple repetitive mechanical experimental operations. They can engage in more meaningful innovative work, achieving the intelligence of laboratories.

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