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Preparation and Inspection Before Calibration of Microwave Digester

Sufficient preparation and inspection should be done before calibration. The inspection includes its specifications and models, etc., and fully checks its factory name, factory serial number, date, power, and power supply requirements. The microwave digester should have a good appearance, relatively complete structure, complete accessories and spare parts, normal display and operation buttons, and should not appear loose. Before calibration, it is necessary to carry out relevant inspections on the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. In order not to affect the quality of its calibration, resulting in the occurrence of errors after calibration. In addition, in the preparation stage of calibration, it is also necessary to check its qualification certificate or some relevant certificates to check the authenticity of the data falseness, in order to better calibrate.

The factors that affect the sample digestion effect are microwave power, temperature, pressure and digestion uniformity.However, excessive microwaves have a certain amount of radiation, which is harmful to the human body.Therefore, it is more necessary to find out the research values and explore its research methods.Microwaves have certain heating properties, and metal materials do not absorb microwaves. Insulators are transparent to microwaves.It absorbs almost no microwave energy. Substances with polar molecules absorb microwaves.Polar molecules rapidly change their orientation in the microwave field with the frequency of the microwave. Rotate back and forth to make the molecules collide and rub against each other. The energy of the microwave is absorbed and the temperature rises. Therefore, to find a suitable method to calibrate its microwave digester , for this, it is necessary to think about its calibration from several angles and aspects, and find a suitable method to increase the accuracy of its calibration.

Relative Indication Error of Microwave Digester Temperature

When calibrating, it is necessary to calculate the relative indication value of its temperature.When calibrating, use a glass beaker, add about 1/2 volume of reagent, and put it into a microwave digester , and use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the reagent in the beaker, set the temperature value to the calibration point of the temperature, so that the constant temperature time of each calibration temperature point is 2 minutes, measure it many times in this way, and obtain its error value, and finally perform calibration.

Pressure Indication Error of Microwave Digester

Connect the pressure test system of its microwave digester with a precision pressure gauge. After reaching the set calibration point, it can be calibrated, apply pressure to the pressure measurement system, and let it reach a certain balance, and record the pressure displayed by the pressure system, and repeat the measurement many times, calculate the average value, use the formula to calculate the pressure indication error, and finally calibrate.

Timing Error of Microwave Digester

In the timing error, it is necessary to set the timing time of the microwave digester. When the timer is started, the calculation of the electronic stopwatch needs to be started at the same time, average, and finally calibrated. In addition, after the experiment, the equipment needs to be inspected again to ensure that every calculation is accurate, so as to ensure that its calibration can go on smoothly, so as to avoid some related problems when it is put into use in the future, endanger people's safety and property safety. And it needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it is foolproof.

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