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With development of food safety and biological medicines, automated homogenizer has been found an increasingly utilized in sample pre-treatment of various fields as the lab disperser, such as to extract target compounds from agricultural and livestock products, diary products, feeds. RayKol automated lab homogenizer produces more consistent homogenizing results compared to convention semi-automatic and manual homogenizing methods. Contact us for laboratory homogenizer price!

Automated Homogenizer Types

AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

Upgraded from AH-40 and intergrated with more user-driven features to meet user requirements.
AH-40 Automated Homogenizer

AH-40 Automated Homogenizer

Versatile automated homogenizer for a variety of sample matrices.


Homogenization is a process to break down tissue structure to form a suspension or emulsion of tissue solids, proteins and fluids. 

Manual homogenization uses the mechanical force applied to crush and grind tissue and cells, the common tool for manual homogenization in laboratories are pestle and mortar. Using hand-hold or standing semi-automated dispersers to homogenize tissue and cells would be another common method to complete homogenization. The disadvantages of semi-automated lab dispersers are the inability of batch processing, required for more operator intervention while processing. 

The advantages of automated homogenization are the ability of batch processing at one run, consistent homogenization and prevention of cross-contamination. Automated homogenizers can process batch of samples at one run, beneficial to analytical laboratories that have a large amount of samples that required homogenization. Automated laboratory homogenizer can program to run various samples under the same condition ensuring consistent results. And features of auto-rinsing and enclosed design prevent any kinds of possible interferences.

Automated Homogenizer Uses

RayKol Automated Homogenizer can be used to extract pesticides and herbcides in plant-derived food such as abamectin and amitrole, and veternatery drugs in animal tissues such as clenbuterol. It has been widely distributed and applied in the area of food, pharmaceuticals as well as life science.

Automated homogenizer is utilized to extract target compounds into liquid phase, with a high-speed generator probe to disperse and homogenize weighed samples with solvents. The homogenized samples are centrifuged to obtain upper layer, then purfication, concentration then final analytical instrumentation.

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