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Microwave sample processing method, also known as "microwave enhanced chemistry", can be applied to various sample pretreatment processes in analytical chemistry such as digestion, extraction, and protein hydrolysis. Sample preparation can use microwave sample processing system. The microwave digestion system has the advantages of fast digestion speed, high digestion efficiency, and low environmental pollution. It is the preferred sample processing method in the laboratory.

The sample processing system consists of a host, a control box, a digestion tank, a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor. What are the characteristics of the microwave sample processing system compared with the traditional general-purpose microwave oven? Let's take you through it one by one.

Microwave Digestion System Frequency Conversion Technology

Applying frequency conversion technology to microwave ovens, controlling different output power by changing the frequency can effectively avoid uneven heating, and can independently adjust the output power with temperature and pressure, which can effectively avoid overheating or underheating, and freely control the firepower. At the same time, it improves the energy utilization rate and the efficiency of the power supply part, reduces the standby consumption, and the microwave digestion system saves more than 20% of electricity than the traditional microwave oven. Secondly, the frequency conversion technology is used to reduce the working noise.

The Microwave Digestion System Rotates Back and Forth 360°

As one of automated lab systems, the microwave digestion system uses a photoelectrically controlled reversible motor, and the turntable rotates reciprocally within 360° to overcome the phenomenon of uneven microwave energy space.

Microwave Digestion System Exhaust Fan

The rear wall of the oven cavity of the microwave sample processing system is equipped with an exhaust fan and a pipe interface to discharge the acid mist to the fume hood or window in time to prevent it from leaking to the magnetron and cause corrosion, and to ensure that the temperature can be opened within 20 minutes.

Anti-acid Protection of Microwave Digestion System

The furnace cavity of the microwave sample processing system is sprayed with PFA with excellent acid resistance, which can resist strong acid corrosion at 250 °C. All screws are made of stainless steel and sprayed with acid-proof PFA.

Microwave Reflection Protection for the Magnetron of the Microwave Digestion System

When there are less than three sample tanks, a certain amount of microwave absorbing load can be placed in the center of the turntable.The microwave sample processing system adopts the microwave reflection protection of the magnetron to reduce the reflection of the microwave on the furnace wall, enhance the stability of the output power, and prolong the service life of the magnetron. You may have interests about microwave digestion manufacturers.

Wavelength Attenuator for Microwave Digestion System

The microwave digestion system uses a wavelength attenuator to ensure that the microwave radiation is far below the safety limit.

Microwave Digestion System Measurement Control

The microwave sample processing system uses a closed container, and the temperature and pressure in the tank will be high during operation. Adopt temperature control and pressure protection mode feedback programming to control microwave heating components, fully guarantee safety.

To sum up, the automated microwave digestion system adopts frequency conversion technology, which has the characteristics of uniform heating, energy saving, low standby power consumption, and low working noise; The heating energy is evenly distributed; there are exhaust fans and other settings to ensure that the acid mist is discharged to the fume hood or outdoors, and can effectively cool the microwave digestion tank, and the temperature can be cooled to the open state within 20 minutes; secondly, it is also sprayed with high-quality PFA, which has excellent corrosion resistance .

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