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Lab scale homogenizer is a reciprocating motion machine with dual plungers. It is made of special acid-resistant stainless steel material on all contact surfaces with materials. Its sanitary design allows for in-place cleaning using cleaning agents and tap water flushing. The homogenizing dispersing pump, emulsifying pump, dispersing pump, and homogenizing pump work by high-speed driving of the motor, causing the materials to move at high speed in the narrow gap between the multiple layers of rotors and stators. Under certain special structural effects, the materials bear the high-speed shear several hundred thousand times or even millions of times per minute in the working chamber, resulting in strong hydraulic shear and turbulence. Simultaneously, comprehensive effects such as centrifugation, extrusion, grinding, collision, and fragmentation coordinate to achieve the process requirements of full dispersion, homogenization, emulsification, crushing, refinement, mixing, etc. Material refinement reaches up to 0.5μm. The more layers of the rotor and stator in the working chamber, the larger the shearing surface and the better the effect. It provides a multifunctional device that integrates dispersion, homogenization, crushing, emulsification, mixing, dissolution, suspension, transportation, etc.

Characteristics of lab homogenizer dispersing pump:

  • The rotating structure has the advantages of small footprint and compact structure.

  • High processing capacity per unit time and low energy consumption make it particularly suitable for industrial continuous production.

  • The material processed by the lab scale homogenizer has the characteristics of a narrow range of particle distribution and good uniformity. By adjusting the working combination and coordination of the core components, it can meet the requirements of different process requirements.

  • The automated tissue homogenizer saves time and energy and has high production efficiency.

  • The equipment is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean, meeting the cleaning needs of different occasions.

  • It has a certain self-suction force and low lift transportation function.

  • There is no dead corner, and the material is dispersed and emulsified 100%.

  • Low operating noise, stable operation, and convenient maintenance.

  • Lab homogenizer can achieve homogenization, dispersion, emulsification, and transportation in one step.

  • The double-end mechanical seal structure design of this type of lab automation equipment is safe and reliable, and has a long service life.

Principle of special lab homogenizer:

Lab homogenizer relies on two reciprocating plungers to generate great pressure. When the plunger moves backward, the feed valve is opened, and the material is suctioned in. When the plunger moves forward, the lower valve closes, the upper valve is pushed open, and the material is pressed into the high-pressure homogenizing valve area. The materials are homogenized and emulsified through the first and second stages of homogenizing valves, and the material is discharged from the outlet.

The device adopts a stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the surface of the protective sample from the microorganisms contained inside the homogeneous sample. The sample is placed in a disposable sterile homogenization bag, which does not come into contact with the instrument. It has the advantages of gentle homogenization, no pollution to the sample, no damage, no increase in temperature, no sterilization treatment, and no need for washing vessels, which meets the requirements of fast, accurate results, and good reproducibility.

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