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Automatic Puncher

RayKol SAP 20 is an automated  punching system designed to meet users’ requirements on various samples. It provides users with accurate, safe, efficient, and convenient punching operation. The instrument integrates control system, graphic QC module, barcode information collector and spot puncher. Observing window ensures reliability of sample loading and punching processes. It’s  automatic functions reduce the errors caused by manual punching and the reduce labor intensity of operators, improving laboratory productivity.

Sample storage card (Sample collection card) is made with a new medium for storing sample based on plant fibers. It is designed for the collection, transportation and storage of various biological fluids (such as blood, semen, saliva), cell culture medium, microorganisms, plant tissues and viruses at room temperature.

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sap 20 dried blood spot punching 1
sap 20 dried blood spot punching 2
sap 20 dried blood spot punching 3

Features of Automatic Puncher


  • Regular 3mm/ 6mm

  • Custimized size available


  • Various modes to activate punching:

1. bar code activation;

2. manual activation;

3. foot pedal activation;

4. automatic count down.

  • Users can select any spots to punch and load samples.


  • Capable for 96-well plate(*1) , PCR plate (*1) , ELISA plate(*1) or 2mL centrifuge tube (*24)


  • Complete operation recording, ease to trace.

  • Collect sample information by bar code reading or manual inputting.

  • Sample information can be transformed into EXCEL. /PDF. files, data is accessible to LIMS lab system.

Automatic Puncher

Specification Of Automatic Puncher

Card Dimension12.5 x 6.5 cm
Filter paper ash contains0.1% ± 0.001%
Effective use areathree circles. Circle size 1.2cm × 1.2cm/ each
Filter paper thickness0. 38mn ± 0. 002cm
Card contentCustomization available

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