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Microwave Digestion System is capable of fast extraction of target compounds from various samples such as environment, food, agricultural products, and medicines. It is equipped with pulse or non-pulse microwave emissions, a split-control terminal, an infrared and fiber optic temperature control system, and an automatic magnetic stirring system. It is compatible with all types of reaction vessels and can be used with any reaction scheme. With combined atmospheric and high-pressure reactions, it can meet various demanding reaction conditions.

Intelligent Temperature and Pressure Control of Microwave Digestion System

It displays and records various parameters during the experimental process and allows the use of different reaction vessels for environmental samples. This microwave digestion instrument is suitable for digestion of samples in pharmaceuticals (traditional Chinese medicine and animal feeds), food, animal feeds, agricultural products, etc. The professional uniform furnace chamber (microwave resonant cavity) is designed to ensure that all samples are processed simultaneously. The instruments manufactured by microwave digestion  manufacturers are equipped with a PFA-sprayed furnace chamber, which has a multi-layered anti-corrosive coating and can withstand various acid gas and solvent corrosion for a long time.

The Exhaust and Cooling System of Microwave Digestion System

The furnace chamber is equipped with a high-power exhaust system, allowing for safe and easy observation of reactions during extended periods of time. The furnace chamber is ventilated with an acid-resistant, high-volume centrifugal fan, with an exhaust volume of no less than 5m/min. The furnace chamber also has a cooling function to maintain the temperature of the reaction vessel, with temperature and pressure displayed in real-time. As one of the automated laboratory systems, the Microwave Digestion System features a smart, high-throughput microwave chemical workstation, with Chinese and English operating systems, and supports national standard methods.

The Large Touchscreen of Microwave Digestion System

The microwave digester displays pressure, temperature, time, power, temperature, and time curves in real-time, with built-in application methods that users can call upon. The automated microwave digestion system has a framework structure made of different materials that can withstand pressures from different directions, ensuring maximum safety. The outer shell is made of special engineering plastics and the outer tank is made of imported fiberglass polyether ether ketone material. The central part bears a relatively high axial pressure, effectively ensuring safety. The Microwave Digestion System is made of high-purity quartz, which can be used at temperatures up to 320℃, with high reliability and cost-effectiveness, and requires no consumables. It utilizes the creeping deformation of vertical materials under different pressures to trigger the release of excess gas and ensure safe operations. When the pressure drops below the set value, the Microwave Digestion System automatically restores its structure, achieving sealing effect and also used for releasing pressure after cooling is complete.

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