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Lab homogenizers are suitable for research and development of high-shear emulsification and cell cleavage processes in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries. In developing countries, lab homogenizer-related products started late, whether in the choice of materials, processing accuracy or in application areas, energy consumption and other aspects of the developed countries are a certain gap, which from another side also reflects the automated homogenizer industry market has a fairly broad market prospects.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the use of lab homogenizers is expanding, and the market demand for them is also rising, lab homogenizer manufacturers if you want to take their place in the future competition, only in their own product development more efforts to increase the technical content of the product, and actively promote product technology innovation, in order to make the homogenizer continue to meet the requirements of people. We consider whether a lab homogenizer manufacturer is excellent or qualified, it is important to look at the products he produces, and a qualified homogenizer should do what aspects?

1. Lab homogenizer small trial amount

We all know that the smaller the lab homogenizer, the more you can save material, customers often want to use less material to complete an emulsification experiment, and usually the experiment is a multiple iterative process, the larger the amount of samples, the more wasted material.

2. Lab homogenizer homogenization shear speed

In general, the higher the speed, the smaller the particle size of the material can be handled, followed by the higher the emulsification head, the more types of materials can be handled, for some drugs, food, especially liquids with a certain amount of solid particles in the suspension, then it is at least 26,000 rpm or more pressure to do the nanometer level.

3. Lab homogenizer cleaning and sterilization

A good laboratory automated homogenizer often has good results in cleaning and sterilization, and it is recommended to consider the best online cleaning and sterilization.

4. Lab homogenizer processing effect

Users certainly hope that the homogenizer out of the material, one is able to reach the degree of nanometer, the second is the nanometer level at the same time, the distribution is very uniform, rather than some particles are already dozens of nanometers, while some or micron level.

5. Lab homogenizer other aspects

Lab homogenizer noise, safety and other aspects are to be considered, in addition, the reputation of the enterprise, the overall strength and after-sales service and other factors will also affect the consumer to buy laboratory homogenizer.

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