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Technical Index Requirements of Microwave Digester

1. Hardware part

(1) Using dual magnetron microwave control technology, microwave output power ≥ 1800W;

(2) Microwave emission mode: pulse and non-pulse are optional.When working at full power, the microwave leakage is ≤0.05mW/cm2.

(3) Microwave host door body: all stainless steel safety door, effective anti-explosion and anti-microwave leakage, with automatic translation and pressure relief function, it can automatically and quickly move outward in case of accident, and can automatically return to the original state after removing hidden dangers.

(4) Automatic locking system, when the microwave is working, the door is automatically locked, and when the door is opened, the microwave is automatically cut off to prevent it from being opened at will. Door opening software control, mechanical and electronic software double door lock, software can set the temperature door lock, when the sample temperature is higher than the set temperature, it will automatically lock to avoid opening the door by misoperation.

(5) Color miniature advanced camera system, built-in pinhole anti-corrosion protection camera to avoid various acid corrosion, real-time observation of the rotor, sensor and other conditions in the cavity. This type of lab automation equipment also has an explosion-proof window observation system, double monitoring, and all-round security.

(6) The whole tank positioning system precisely controls and displays the position, corresponding number and digestion temperature of all digestion tanks.Realize the monitoring of the temperature of all digestion tanks, and display and record the temperature rise curves of all digestion tanks.

2. Temperature and pressure control system

(1) High-precision infrared temperature control system: two sensors installed at the bottom of the digestion tank to control the digestion temperature of all sample tanks, temperature control range: 0-600 ° C; temperature control accuracy: 1 ° C; temperature control response time ≤ 1 Second.

(2) The temperature and pressure control system of the automated microwave digestion system can display and save the digestion temperature curve of all samples in real time, record the temperature change curve of all samples during the whole digestion process, and realize the historical query of the temperature curve.

(3) The non-contact pressure control system of the whole tank can automatically cut off the microwave power output and stop the heating reaction when the pressure inside the digestion tank is accidental. When the pressure returns to normal, the microwave output power can be automatically activated to ensure that the digestion experiment continues to run normally.

3. Control terminal

(1) Intelligent control terminal, high-resolution color display, experimenters can safely control all operations of the microwave digestion system from a distance.  、

(2) The microwave digester has the functions of intelligent program heating and gradient heating, and can accurately display the temperature curve in the reaction tank in real time.

(3) One-button operation, intelligent digestion, more than 500 application methods in memory; all reaction parameters can be controlled and modified online, and temperature curves, microwave power curves, etc.can be accurately displayed online.

4. Digestion rotor

(1) All plastic and metal-free digestion rotors, each digestion tank has "elastic pressure relief valve" active pressure relief protection technology, which will not affect the continued digestion of samples after pressure relief.

(2) The maximum pressure resistance of the sample digestion tank: ≥110bar; the maximum temperature resistance of the sample digestion tank: ≥300°C.

(3) Volume of sample digestion tank: ≥75ml, number of reaction tanks that can be processed at the same time: ≥40.

(4) Material of sample digestion tank and cover: PTFE-TFM.

(5) Protective outer tank material: a material that does not absorb water, gas, etc., and has excellent protection performance for the inner tank.

Configuration Requirements of Microwave Digester

1 set of microwave digester extraction system host; 1 set of high-precision full tank temperature control system; 1 set of full tank pressure control system; 1 set of automatic digestion tank positioning system; 1 set of automatic locking system; 1 set of five-color light status indication system ; 1 set of color micro-advanced camera system; 1 set of high-pressure high-throughput digestion rotor (including 1 all-plastic rotor bracket, no less than 40 sets of inner tanks, outer tanks, inner plugs, lids, not less than 75ml, and microwave digestion 20 inner tanks); 1 set of control terminal; 1 set of automatic acid removal device; 3 sets of 24 test tube racks.

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