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The microwave digestion system is suitable for higher temperature and pressure requirements in the processing of difficult-to-digest samples. The system integrates professional microwave product design, high-quality raw materials and innovative sensor design to effectively ensure ultra-high safety during use. The microwave digestion system is a microwave accelerated reaction system with chemical reaction process control. The control, display and operating system are integrated. It has a reliable anti-corrosion design of the whole machine, saving space. At the same time, the instrument is multi-functional and can be used for various microwave chemistry applications such as sample digestion, extraction, proteolysis, concentration, drying of analytical chemistry, organic/inorganic synthesis of experimental chemistry, and pilot test of chemical process simulation data conditions.

1. Rapid extraction of target compounds by microwave digestion system

The automated microwave digestion system can quickly extract target compounds in various samples such as environment, food, agricultural products, and medicine. Pulsed or non-pulsed microwave emission, split control terminal, built-in infrared and optical fiber temperature control system, automatic magnetic stirring system, all kinds of reaction tanks can be used, any reaction scheme can be used, the combination of atmospheric pressure and high pressure reaction can meet various harsh reaction conditions.

The intelligent temperature and pressure control mode of the microwave digestion system displays and records various parameters in the experimental process. The environmental sample reaction container can be selected to achieve rapid extraction. It is suitable for pharmaceutical (Chinese herbal medicine, feed), food, feed, agricultural products and other samples The popular microwave digestion instrument for digestion, the professional uniform furnace cavity (microwave resonant cavity) design ensures that all samples are processed synchronously, the furnace cavity is sprayed with PFA, and the high temperature and multiple anti-corrosion coatings ensure that the furnace cavity can resist various acid gases and solvents for a long time. Get more information about microwave digestion manufacturers.

The furnace cavity of microwave digestion system exhaust and cooling system is equipped with a high-power exhaust system, various reactions can be carried out continuously for a long time in a ventilated, safe and easy-to-observe environment, and the furnace cavity ventilation adopts acid corrosion-resistant, high-volume centrifugal fans; furnace The chamber has an air cooling function, which continuously cools the reaction tank, and the temperature and pressure are displayed in real time. Intelligent high-throughput microwave chemistry working platform for microwave digestion system, Chinese and English operating systems, support and national standard methods.

2. Microwave digestion system makes operation safe and maintenance-free

The control functions are perfectly coordinated, the sensor not only monitors the safety protection of the electronic lock to prevent danger during the operation phase, protects the device from failure during operation, and avoids any microwave power emission runs without sample or microwave absorbers. The protection conversion of overloaded microwave energy has been designed in the microwave digestion system, but long-term no-load microwave may still cause aging and damage to the magnetron and sensor. It is wrong to test the performance of the temperature and pressure sensor by applying microwave power, because the air It is a non-condensed substance and does not absorb microwaves.

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