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Homogenizers can be divided into laboratory homogenizers, pilot homogenizers, and large-scale industrial homogenizers in terms of processing capacity. The laboratory high-shear homogenizer developed by Sage Scientific has been welcomed by customers and friends in various research and technology fields as soon as it was launched! In colleges and universities, it has been highly praised by scholars engaged in academic research; in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. The technical research and development departments of food companies have also been favored by technical elites.

It is not difficult to see that the users of laboratory homogenizers are a group of creative and sophisticated people. Under the use of these senior intellectuals, this laboratory homogenizer strongly assists new processes and new formulas in various fields. New product breakthroughs. A popular machine in the laboratory mixer range, ideal for routine laboratory work, R&D, QA analysis and small-scale production across all industries.

The Core Advantages of the Laboratory Homogenizer

1. The shell is made of full food-grade stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to take care of.

2. Using servo motor, the belt can be adjusted arbitrarily, and with a feedback device, the speed is stable and reliable, which can be used as a reference for mass production.

3. It can run continuously at full load for more than 2 hours, meeting all kinds of strict experimental requirements.

4. Multiple stator and rotor structures can be quickly interchanged to meet different experimental needs.

5. The electric lifting structure can stably stop at any position.

6. The automated homogenizer can be equipped with heating and temperature control devices.

The Laboratory Homogenizer is Equipped with a Variety of Working Heads As Standard to Meet the Needs of Various Experiments

  • A universal type

The homogeneous stator with a wide range of uses, the automated homogenizer is suitable for occasions that require mixing and dispersion. For example, dispersion of solid and liquid, dissolution of gel and thickener, preparation of suspension and slurry, etc.

  • B groove type

It has moderate homogeneity performance and can be used in various occasions that require homogeneity. It is also suitable for the crushing and dissolving of fiber materials, as well as various polymers.

  • C hole type

The automated homogenizer is suitable for the homogenization and emulsification of liquids, especially for the preparation of all types of emulsions.

  • D axial type

The special homogeneous stator can change the homogeneous jet into a bottom-up axial jet.Ideal for applications requiring reduced air bubbles and constant circulation of heavy insoluble solids.

Those who win the people win the world.Modern enterprises attach great importance to talents and cherish talents, especially for enterprises with short product cycles that require continuous innovation and research and development.Talent technology innovation is always a necessary condition for the survival of enterprises.The so-called sword matches heroes, with high-end talents, and high-end automated laboratory equipment must be equipped to maximize the role of human resources and provide the impetus for the continuous development of enterprises.

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