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Automatic Titrator

Titration has always been a popular technique in analytical instrument, and results of manual titration can be dependent on the technical ability of laboratory personnel. For the determination of the end point, there will be certain differences in accuracy due to factors such as laboratory environment and the proficiency of lab technicians. 

RayKol's Auto Titra 08 Automatic Titrator applies the principle of RGB color recognition, mimic manual titration to perform automated bionic determination. It features in integrated compact design, high degree of automation and accuracy, and caters to the needs of various color titration projects. The AT08 automatic titrator can process 8 samples in batches, specalizes in determination of total hardness, chemical oxygen demand chromium(CODCr) and permanganate(CODMn) index in water through colour change using volumetic analysis. It greatly reduces the labor consumption of the laboratory and significantly improves the testing efficiency of the laboratory. Learn more about our lab automation equipment.

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at08 automatic titrator
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AT08 Automatic Titrator Features

  • RGB colour determination for titration endpoint

  • Flexible in sample vials for various application

  • All-in-one compact design, built-in control panel

  • Auto data processing, one touch to print report

Automatic Titrator

AT08 Automatic Titrator Specification

Sample capacity8
Voltage200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Operating temperature0 to 40°C
Operating humidity20 to 80%
Dimension320 x 580 x 520 mm



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