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The microwave digestion system is suitable for higher temperature and pressure requirements during the processing of refractory samples. The system integrates professional microwave product design, high-quality raw materials and innovative sensor design to effectively ensure ultra-high safety during use.

The circular furnace cavity of the system and the sample loading on the top greatly improve the ease of operation; the design of the rotating top cover and the multiple interlocking electronic lock control system provide precise protection and excellent safety performance; the whole machine is designed with a stainless steel furnace body to ensure the distribution of microwave energy Uniformity ensures sample digestion, and the anti-corrosion coating of the furnace chamber ensures the safe operation of the system for a long time and improves the service life. The system is designed with dual microwave sources, using two high-performance magnetrons with more powerful energy; the temperature and pressure can be monitored in real time in each digestion tank without using a reference tank, and at the same time, each digestion tank can be measured in a non-contact manner. The tank surface temperature improves the safety and service life of the digestion tank.

The digestion tank is formed by one-time die-casting, seamless connection, strong and durable, long service life, reasonable design, no dead zone, easy to clean, easy to operate, no special tools are needed in the process of opening and sealing the tank, and there are many different volume specifications available; high resolution. The high-speed color display makes the operation more intuitive and convenient, and at the same time, it can be operated remotely through mobile devices such as mobile phones. The microwave digestion system uses the penetrability and activation ability of microwaves to heat the reagents and samples in the closed container, which can increase the pressure in the sample preparation container and the reaction temperature, thereby increasing the reaction rate.

Microwave Digestion Adopts Advanced Light-controlled Scanning Temperature and Pressure Measurement Technology

Microwave digestion realizes temperature and pressure monitoring of all samples in the tank, and enhances the safety of multi-tank microwave pretreatment instruments. The automated microwave digestion system solves the problem that the uniformity and safety of digestion cannot be reliably guaranteed when most single-point temperature and pressure measurement microwave digestion instruments are used to digest multiple tanks at the same time. The infrared temperature sensor works automatically and independently without any connection, and controls the temperature without contact and pollution. It is installed at the bottom, and the data is not affected by the height of the liquid level, ensuring accurate temperature. The temperature data can be calibrated using an absolute blackbody calibrator or deionized water, and a calibration method is provided for the user to perform daily calibration.

High-throughput Microwave Digestion System As an Efficient Sample Pretreatment Method

Microwave digestion can well meet the requirements of modern instrument analysis for the sample pretreatment process, and has the advantages of fast heating speed, uniform heating, less reagent consumption, low blank, energy saving and high efficiency, etc. Especially in the analysis and detection of volatile elements, the integrity of the sample can be well maintained, and the sample recovery rate is very high. Therefore it is one of the most popular automated laboratory systems.

How microwave digestion works, you can start with the interaction between substances and microwaves. The interaction between matter and microwaves can be divided into three categories: conductors reflect microwaves, insulators transmit microwaves, and dielectrics absorb microwaves. The digestion tank of the microwave digestion instrument is made of insulators to facilitate the penetration of microwaves, and then the acid reagent (dielectric body) in it can absorb microwaves and be heated. The microwaves in the microwave digester are generated by the magnetron in the cavity.

The material of the microwave digestion inner tube usually includes PTFE, quartz, glass and so on. Among them, PTFE can be divided into PTFE and PFA according to its trade name. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) non-stick coating can be used continuously at 260°C, with a maximum service temperature of 290-300°C. However, its fluidity is poor and it cannot be molded by injection molding, so it is cut and molded by lathe. Its internal smoothness may affect the problem of elemental residues during use. Therefore, the processing cost is higher.

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