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The current trend in laboratory development is the implementation of "four modernizations", namely intelligence, automation, standardization, and informatization. Although they may seem independent, they actually complement each other. The organic combination of these four aspects forms the consideration factors for our selection of automated products. Therefore, an ideal laboratory automation system should have the following characteristics.

Intelligence of the laboratory automation system

The integrated laboratory automation has a highly intelligent and user-friendly system design. The intelligent layout can adapt to various placement methods according to site requirements, maximizing efficiency in laboratory workflow, and providing complete hardware and software support for "pre-analysis, analysis, and post-analysis". Intelligence refers to the intelligent collection that has been developed for specimen analysis, which is a gathering of modern communication and information technology, computer network technology, industry detection technology, and intelligent control technology. With the continuous development of various technologies, the technical content and complexity of the laboratory automation system are getting higher and higher. The concept of laboratory automation intelligence is becoming gradually more comprehensive, penetrating into sample lifecycle and department management and hospital management levels.

Automation of the laboratory automation system

The entire lifecycle of specimens in the laboratory is fully automated from the beginning of specimen processing to the final report issue and requires no human intervention. The automated lab systems refer to the process of achieving the expected goals of machine equipment, systems, or processes (production and management processes) without direct human intervention or with the involvement of a limited number of people by automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, and manipulation control according to the requirements of human. It can be seen that automation is the cornerstone of achieving intelligence and can be leveraged in the mechanical control of automation to achieve a reduced or even zero labour force. The automation level of the production line product is very high, and the technology is mature, so the full process automation from specimen entry into the laboratory to report production can be fully realized.

Standardization of the laboratory automation system

Each functional unit coordinates with and operates independently of each other, and each unit can operate independently. Every module has standard operating procedures, and the laboratory flow design meets the requirements of standardization certification, such as monitoring and recording each node in the sample circuit. The universal concept of standardization is to obtain optimal order within a certain range. It includes the process of formulating, publishing, and implementing standards. Laboratory automation system standardization for the laboratory means regulating the operation process of specimens, thereby establishing a quality system for the laboratory. Its importance lies in the reconstruction of the process and services through the automated laboratory equipment, including a set of standardized operating procedures for the process control of sample collection, confirmation, transportation transfer, testing, storage, and waste disposal. Standardizing the working habits of each person in the laboratory to create a reasonable, unified, efficient standard operating process and quality management system, thereby ensuring the accuracy of test results.

Informatization of the laboratory automation system

Informationization is the foundation of everything, and only when the information system of the laboratory is complete can the hardware's functions be fully utilized in all directions. It is still difficult to satisfy all the conditions listed above.

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