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On June 2, 2021, RayKol Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement of The Joint Laboratory with Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre, both would have closer cooperation in technology, talent and platforms, to promote the development progress of sample preparation innovative technology in laboratory automation. 

China Association for Instrumental Analysis Vice President Liu Chengyan, Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre Director and Sichuan Analysis and Testing Society President Geng Menghui, Scientific equipment company of Sichuan Province Party Secretary Zhao Haining, RayKol Group Corp., LTD. CEO Lin Zhijie and other representatives from the analysis and testing industry attended this signing ceremony and followed a symposium. This meeting was hosted by Dr Luo Jin of Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre Vice Director and Sichuan Analysis and Testing Society Secretary.

From the statement by H.E. Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China at the United Nation Summit on Biodiversity 2020, “Guided by the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China will continue to make extraordinary efforts to scale up its nationally determined contributions. China will adopt even more forceful policies and measures and strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060”, it is an inevitable discussion to reduce carbon emissions and increase laboratory productivity on the strength of smart and automated laboratory equipment, toward the goal of carbon dioxide peaking and carbon neutrality.

As a corporation focusing on One Health, RayKol Group provides high-quality technical supports for the green development of laboratories, through the production and introduction of green sample preparation technology and automated equipment. And being one of the Application & Demonstration Center for Homegrown Scientific Instruments authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre completed multiple major result transfers for Sichuan "Project No.1" over the last few years.

“RayKol Technologies are among the most developed in automated sample preparation system, and the core business of China Association for Instrumental Analysis is to promote the progress and development of the industry. We believe that our Joint Laboratory can make a great impact and advancement in this industry, which is the reason why the Joint Laboratory was founded initially.”

-- Liu Chengyan, Vice President of China Association for Instrumental Analysis

Under the theme of “Sample preparation technology innovation, green laboratory development”, we believe this collaboration can advance and enhance both of technology innovation and services, contribute to reducing carbon emission by building up green laboratories!”

-- Geng Menghui, Director of Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre

“ The user requirements and demands in automation, environmental protection, safety and services for sample preparation equipment are always RayKol’s concerns, we care and consider how to optimize our solutions and services. So today, it was our great honour to achieve this agreement, by which we are going to assist our users to create more values.”

-- Lin Zhijie, President of RayKol Group

In the round table session, representatives and experts had a discussion regarding the hot topics and common difficulties found in the sample preparation process according to each application fields

Through the round table discussion, it came to the consensus that the founding of the Joint Laboratory was the first step of collaboration. 

Corresponding to the current situation of modern laboratories, it is facing new challenges in green laboratory transformation and a bottleneck in manual sample preparation. Over the changes, it is urgent to develop green sample preparation technologies featured with speed and precision. Green manufacture of scientific equipment is part of sustainability strategies in the manufacturing industry, and it shares the same idea with sustainable development of green laboratory, concentrates on improving the coordination of the growth of technology innovation and productivity with ecological environment. 

It is a new opportunity for RayKol Group and Sichuan Analysis and Testing Centre to maximize each advantage, optimize source configurations in various stages, forms and areas. It would build up an advanced laboratory management system, complete technology transfer of green laboratory, serve the purpose of sustainability. 

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