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Automated Tissue Grinder

The QuEChERS pre-treatment is becoming an usual method used in analytical laboratories for trace residues of pesticides and drugs. During QuEChERS process, the commonly-used techniques in shaking and mixing are vortex shaker, conventional shaker and manual shaking. However, neither the vortex shaking nor the conventional shaking can achieve satisfatory extraction efficiency, it takes longer time to reach required extraction results; and manual shaking and mixing may reult in poor parallelism and repeatability of sample preparation due to different operators.

RayKol V20 Automated Shaker utilizes pendulum-type vertical shaking to mimic the arc trajectory of artificial arm motion to achieve better mixing effect, to cater to the requirements of sample extraction in the QuEChERS pretreatment method.

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automated tissue grinder

Features of V20 Automated Tissue Grinder

  • Simple operation, quick fasten lock to fix sample tubes

  • Compatible with various tubes

  • Built-in screen control

  • Safety lock and clear viewing area

Automated Tissue Grinder

Specification of V20 Automated Tissue Grinder

Shaking rate100 to 1800rmp, adjustable
Max. oscillating distance32mm
Sample capacity3820
Sample tube15mL50mL
Software control7-inch built-in touch screen
Method storagemax. 50
Dimension370mm x 520mm x 690mm
Voltage200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Storage temperature0 to 40°C
Storage humidity20 to 85%
Operating temperature10 to 40°C
Operating humidity20 to 80%



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