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RayKol can do more than just providing automated lab equipment and units, we offer integrated lab solutions to fully automated your workflow in pre-analytic phase. RayKol combines the use of functional modules, lab software, laboratory robotics, sensor and computer to streamline the laboratory workflow, minimize human input. RayKol Intergrated Sample Preparation covers automation for one single steps like liquid dispensing or layer seperation, to fully integrated lab automation for entire processes such as automated QuEChERS extraction, even customized and individualized automated lab solutions.

Products of Laboratory Robotics

Automated Sample Preparation
Integrate functional unit, software and lab robotics to a fully automated sample preparation solution.

Automated Sample Preparation


Advantages of Integrated Lab Automation

High throughput

Complete large batch of samples processing in a short period

High automation

Robotic movement to streamline workflow of sample preparation

Less error sources

Minus the errors from manual operations in some repetitive task, such as incorrect volumes

Reduced waste and solvent usage

All parameters are set and ajusted in software for optimal usage and consumption

Improved lab evironment

Minimize contacts and exposure to hazardous chemicals, and correctly store and dispose harmful substances

Smart software

Intuitive and clear software design, graphical user interface

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