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RayCure SPE series provides high-quality SPE cartridges for various types of solid phase extraction, including manifold, vacuum as well as automated solid phase extraction equipment, well compatible with RayKol automated solid-phase extraction systems. RayCure SPE cartridges utilize high-quality sorbents to ensure the efficiency of SPE clean up, offers full range of SPE cartridges for various sample matices. Strict quality managment and control ensures high recovery rate of analytes and experiment reproducibility. RayKol provides effective, efficient and economial SPE cartridges with high performance. 


RayCure SPE Columns

RayCure SPE Columns

RayCure SPE series provide pre-packed SPE columns with a variety of sorbents, resins and cartridge size for various methods and target analytes.


Rule I:

The properties of solid phase packing in SPE cartridges should be match to target compounds.

Rule II:

Take the advantage of differences between analytes of interest and interferences

Rule III:

Consider nature of SPE sample matrices, characteristics of analytes and solubility of used solvents

Users can select RayCure SPE columns depending on properties of desired analytes and sample matrices as following selection guides.

Target compoundsProperties of analytesCorresponding SPE
SolubilityPolarity/IonicitySPE mechanismSorbent phase
Water solubleCompounds with high/low polarityNon-polarC18
Ionic compoundsAnion exchangeMCX, WCX
Cation exchangeMAX, WAX
Soluble in organic solventsPolar compoundsNormal phase bondingPSA, NH2
Compounds with neutral polarityNormal phase adsorptionSilica, Florisil
Non-polar compoundsReversed phaseC18

Based on nature of SPE sample matrices

SPE sample matrices
SPE sample matricesTarget compoundsImpuritiesRayCure SPE column
Fruits, vegetables, fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit wine, herbsMultiple pesticide residuesCarbohydrates, pigments, organic acid, phenolRayCure QuEChERS d-SPE kits
RayCure NH2
RayCure PSA
RayCure GCB/NH2
RayCure Florisil
Weak polar pesticidesCarbohydrates, pigments, organic acid, phenolRayCure HLB
RayCure C18
Alkali pesticidesCarbohydrates, pigments, organic acid, phenolRayCure MCX
RayCure WCX
Acidic pesticidesCarbohydrates, pigments, organic acid, phenolRayCure MAX
RayCure WAX
Dairy products, blood, urine, animal tissuesNeutral, weak alkali, weak acidic drugsProteins, fatsRayCure HLB
RayCure C18
Alkali drugsProteins, fatsRayCure MCX
RayCure WCX
Acidic drugsProteins, fatsRayCure MAX
RayCure WAX
Soil, wastewaterhydrophobic organic pollutantsHumic substancesRayCure HLB
RayCure C18
Pesticide residuesHumic substancesRayCure Florisil
Oil and greaseFat-soluble vitamins, phospholipids, aflatoxinsFatsRayCure Silica
RayCure NH2
RayCure PSA

How Does SPE Column Work?

SPE is a conventional and efficient extraction technique, it uses the affinity of solutes dissolved or suspended in mobile phase for stationary phase to separate desired compounds from a mixture. And there are two solid phase extraction mechanisms to obtain target analytes from complex samples, to retain desired compounds in stationary phase or retain impurities in solid phase. Depending on the difference of two mechanisms, SPE procedures could be a bit various. 

When sample portion passes through SPE column, undesired impurities are discarded with mobile phase, target compounds are retained in stationary phase, then rinse stationary phase with eluents to collect target compounds. It is the most commonly used purification mechanism of solid phase extraction. 

In the opposite, to retain impurities in stationary phase, target compounds and few impurities are collected in mobile phase when sample portion passes through SPE column. Rinse the stationary phase which impurities is retained with solvents to obtain rest of retained target compounds. This mechanism is mostly used to eliminate fat-soluble impurities of ion analysis and analysis of multiple pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

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