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For many ordinary laboratories, although there are many analytical and testing instruments to achieve automated testing, but the pre-treatment of samples, the degree of using automated systems is very low, the sample pre-treatment before analysis is the need to consume a lot of manual, and many repetitive and tedious work, the need for low-quality repetitive operations, long processing time, high labor costs, so the sample processing is the need for automation On the one hand, some standardized automatic pipetting systems are currently available on the market, but these devices generally focus only on pipetting and dispensing, with insufficient comprehensive processing capacity and low degree of automation.

In addition, the weighing of powders and solid particles in the laboratory is also done manually, which is tedious when the sample size is relatively large, and there is an urgent need for automated weighing of analytical lab automation equipment, which requires more integration of weighing calibration and liquid handling if combined with subsequent sample dissolution transfer. In addition, the degree of automation is also lower in the field of synthesis, which involves more complex samples and conditions and requires more sophisticated integration capabilities.

1. Lab automation systems in a number of areas

In liquid handling and automated pipetting, it has been achieved from the initial manual pipette gun to automatic pipettes and then to automated pipetting systems, but liquid handling involves not only the process of pipetting and dispensing, but also the integration of multiple processes such as mixing, centrifugation, extraction and filtration. At present, Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Canada's are promoting the process of laboratory automation, laboratory automation system liquid handling with powerful multi-module integration capabilities to achieve automated liquid handling, automated weighing and calibration, automated synthesis system development and free combination, according to the specific experimental process for a variety of tools to choose, so as to configure into a complete automation system, has been widely used in chemical The system has been widely used in many fields, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, food, chemical industry, agriculture, etc.

2. Lab automation systems are promising

With the popularity of artificial intelligence and 5G network, all industries are developing in the direction of automation and intelligence, and human beings will be liberated from repetitive mechanical labor to engage in more creative work in the future. There are already many hospitals that have automated testing lines, including sample verification and numbering, classification, centrifugation, loading, testing, report printing, and result verification. The epidemic has also put forward higher requirements for the timeliness and accuracy of sample testing, which has accelerated the process of lab automation systems and introduced some fully automated nucleic acid testing instruments in the market. The future laboratory automation will be highly integrated, integrating laboratory-related management systems and automated pre-processing systems to better serve the laboratory.

RayKol is also gradually entering the field of laboratory sample pre-processing automation to explore new market needs. Welcome to call us and experience a different kind of laboratory automation system!

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