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The microwave digestion system is a flexible configuration. The digestion system of the microwave laboratory workstation is the same. Different sample tank rotors and control systems can be selected according to actual needs. The wide range of applications makes it suitable for applications ranging from routine laboratories to special conditions. The digestion needs of various samples can be met.

The Microwave Digestion System Adopts an Integrated Control Unit

The microwave digestion system expands the reaction chamber while keeping the overall volume constant, and can simultaneously digest large-volume sample tanks. The larger chamber provides further protection, and the large space can buffer accidents caused by misuse. Pressure relief, the one-piece casting reaction chamber ensures the safety and uniformity of microwave.

Microwave Digestion System Adopts High-sensitivity and High-focus Technology Infrared Sensor

There is no need for calibration, the digestion tanks are misplaced, and there is a complete set of non-contact infrared temperature sensors at the bottom of the chamber to detect and monitor the temperature of each tank in the reaction tank. It is the bottom of the inner tank to ensure that the measured temperature value truly reflects the sample temperature, and the temperature curve of each tank can be displayed in real time on the display screen of the control terminal, so as to avoid the overheating of the tank caused by different samples, different reactions, and different temperature and pressure in each tank when the user digests different types of samples in the same batch. The temperature and overpressure operation even bursts the tank, so that the microwave digestion process of the sample can be completed smoothly, and the service life of the tank is also extended.

The Microwave Digestion System Makes the Operation Safe, Maintenance-free, and Perfectly Coordinates the Control Functions

The sensor monitors the safety protection of the electronic lock in real time to prevent danger during the operation phase, protect the device from failure during operation, and avoid microwave power transmission operation in any situation where there is no sample or microwave absorber. Analytical lab equipment manufacturers have designed a protection conversion for overloaded microwave energy in the microwave digestion system, but the microwave without load for a long time may still cause the aging and damage of the magnetron and the sensor. It is wrong to test the performance of the temperature and pressure sensor by applying microwave power, because the air It is a non-condensed substance and does not absorb microwaves.

The microwave digestion systems on the market are mainly closed, and the closed microwave digestion instrument can complete the sample digestion efficiently and quickly by significantly improving the reaction speed, and the operation has a certain degree of flexibility. Usually closed microwave digestion apparatus can load and operate multiple high-pressure closed digestion tanks at the same time, and provide a fast and automatic method to digest even very insoluble samples. Acid digestion in a closed container at high temperature not only greatly reduces the sample processing time, but also achieves the incomparable advantages of traditional sample processing methods such as the least amount of acid, the lowest background value and complete recovery.

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