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The microwave digestion system is a microwave accelerated reaction system with chemical reaction process control. The control, display and operating system are integrated.It has a reliable anti-corrosion design and saves space. At the same time, the instrument has multiple functions and can be used for sample digestion in analytical chemistry, extraction, proteolysis, concentration, drying, organic/inorganic synthesis of experimental chemistry, and chemical process simulation data condition pilot test and other microwave chemistry applications.

The Microwave Digestion System Can Automatically Identify the Type, Quantity and Location of the Reaction Tanks in the Reaction Chamber

Automatic detection of temperature and pressure control system installation. Then, according to the characteristics and equivalent of the sample, the application method database is automatically retrieved, the energy optimization data is automatically matched and calculated, and the intelligent control of the whole process of the microwave digestion system does not need to be set. At the same time, the whole process display of temperature, pressure and power adjustment curves is realized, and multi-target tracking is realized. Real-time temperature status display, optimized kinetic energy mode, equipped with a specially designed bidirectional vertical waveguide cavity, dynamic matching power emission corresponding to real-time reaction process changes, capable of easily handling more difficult sample reactions, built-in library of all scientific application guidance methods, carefully prepare various text and video recordings of professional training courses.

The General Standard Application Method of Microwave Digestion System Memory

Users can also edit, store, modify and delete the application methods of specific samples; non-metallic polymer material explosion-proof membrane and automatic pressure relief dual safety mechanism design to ensure operational safety and sample integrity, non-pulse automatic microwave energy control of temperature and pressure in real time Monitoring, temperature and pressure monitoring of the whole tank, power-frequency matching design and microwave field resonance equalization technology to ensure the control of the reaction process; high-safety aerospace composite fiber pressure-resistant jacket (vertical oriented explosion-proof design), fully automatic safety sensor door and in case of any abnormality Multiple safety mechanisms such as automatically cutting off the microwave source under certain circumstances ensure safety. Get more information about microwave digestion manufacturers.

The Microwave Digestion System is Easy to Operate Without Any Tools

The assembly and use of digestion tanks, rotors and sensors can be completed quickly by hand, and the integrated air cooling system has an air channel design, which can cool the reaction tank within minutes after heating.This optimized cooling reduces processing time while extending the life of key components.You do not need to touch the hot and pressurized container, nor do you need to connect external cooling devices.Powerful wind cooling system with exceptionally low noise helps create a comfortable laboratory environment. The automated microwave digestion system can conduct comprehensive and real-time monitoring of important reaction parameters such as temperature, pressure, and pressure rise rate of the reaction tank.This control over temperature and pressure is essential for reproducible results and ensures process safety every time.

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