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Gas AutoSampler

In gas analysis and detection, lab technicians are often required to perform manual gas sampling to gas chromography (GC). Because of the possible difference in manual operation, it's likely to cause errors in the detection results of GC, such as various retention time of peaks and bad peak shape. Especially, it could have serious impacts on cost and production when dealing with routine batches and industrial standard procedures.

RayKol GS30 Gas AutoSampler can complete automatic sampling for max 30 gas samples. It extracts the target gas from bag or syringe through a vacuum pump with a controllable flow rate, and accurately transfers the sample to the inert quantitative loop in the equipment. Through the valve group and flow path switching of the gas autosampler, the quantitative sample is accurately transferred to the GC column. This gas autosampler provides an efficient and fast solution for the batch and automatic detection of volatile organic compounds in gases.

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gs30 gas autosampler

GS30 Gas AutoSampler Features

  • Automated gas sampling, can compart samples with their concentration

  • Low residues in flow lines, prevent cross contamination

  • Good accuracy and repeatability

  • Flexible and compatible with various applications and containers

  • Intuitive graphical software interface

Gas AutoSampler

GS30 Gas AutoSampler Specification

Sample capacity30
Compatible withTedlar bag, gas syringe
Voltage200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Operating temperature0 to 40°C
Operating humidity20 to 80%
Dimension560 x 530 x 790 mm



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