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AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

AH-50 automated homogenizer is a versatile automated homogenizer with high throughput, it completely replaces the entire manual homogenization process, including the addition of extraction solutions. This kind of Automated homogenizer can homogenize up to 36 samples at one run, significantly increasing laboratory productivity and workflow of sample preparation. AH-50  is the ideal solutions for laboratories with large amount of workload, with high flux and efficiency, less sample residues and good safety.

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AH50 Automated Homogenizer
Raykol AH-50 Automated Homogenizer
Automated Homogenizer AH50
Automated Homogenizer AH-50

Features of AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

  • Fully automated homogenization with extraction solution dispensing function

  • High thoughput, process up to 36 samples per run

  • Automatically identify sample rack type

  • Minimal sample residues by complete rinsing

AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

Specifications of AH-50 Automated Homogenizer

Dimension57cm x 40cm x 78cm
Power rating600 Watts
Speed control3,000 to 25,000rpm
Generator probes10mm × 108mm, 19mm × 204mm
Sample tube range15mL, 50mL, 100mL, 120mL, 200mL
Carousel rack range12, 16, 24, 36 positions; aluminum alloy, plastic
Oscillation modeUp-and-down vertical motion
Rinsing modeWater, organic solvents, ultrasound rinsing
Software interface10 inch built-in monitor screen control



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