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RayCure SPE Columns

RayCure SPE series provide pre-packed SPE columns with a variety of sorbents, resins and cartridge size for various methods and target analytes. There are four types of RayCure SPE categorized by its polarity and ion exchange capacity, normal phase SPE columns, reversed-phase SPE columns, ion exchange SPE columns and mixed-mode SPE columns. Users can select any SPE columns according to sample volume, sample matrices, properties of analytes and methods from a wide range of SPE columns.

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Features of RayCure SPE Columns

  • High-quality packing materials

  • Great variety of SPE columns with various sorbents

  • High recovery rate and reproducible

  • Economical SPE columns with good performance

RayCure SPE Columns

Specifications of RayCure SPE Columns

CatagorySPE columnsCarbon loading
Particle size
Pore size
Surface area
Pore volumn
Ion exchange capacity (meq/g)Endcapped
Normal phase SPE columnsRayCure C18196060450--Yes
RayCure HLB-30707201.3-No
Reversed phase SPE columnsRayCure Silica-60604500.7-No
RayCure Florisil-60604500.7-No
RayCure AL-A-100801300.3-No
RayCure AL-N-100801300.3-No
RayCure AL-B-100801300.3-No
RayCure GCB-100-200mesh500100-2001.1-No
Ion-exchange SPE columnsRayCure MCX-70200800.40.5No
RayCure WCX-70180800.40.5No
RayCure MAX-701302100.70.5No
RayCure WAX-701202700.80.5No
RayCure NH2-60604500.70.9No
RayCure PSA-60604500.71.5No
Mixed mode SPE columnsRayCure GCB/NH2-
RayCure GCB/PSA-



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