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XT-9930 Microwave Digestion System

XT-9930 top-loaded microwave digestion system delivers a high-throughput sample pre-treatment solution for analysis of trace metal elements based on all your needs. It utilizes precise temperature sensor and contactless pressure sensor for real-time monitoring to ensure reliability, safeguarding the users with comprehensive safety protections. Besides, XT-9930 is compatible with various rotors and vessels, flexible to different sample matrices and applications, such as food, soil, pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics.

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xt 9930 microwave digestion system

Features of XT-9930 Microwave Digestion System

  • Batch digestion up to 42 samples

  • 75L industrial 316L stainless steel cylinder chamber

  • Mid-infrared temperature monitoring

  • Non-contact pressure sensor with pressure relief

  • Able to detect digestion rotor type

  • Comprehensive safety protection

Specification of XT-9930 Microwave Digestion System

Sample capacity4216
Digestion vesselHigh-throughput, 75mLHigh-pressure, 100mL
Microwave cavity75L
Microwave power2400W
Temperature monitorMid-infrared contactless sensor
Pressure releaseAutomatic pressure-release mechanism
Dimension650mm x 630mm x 620mm
Power supply220V AC, 50/60Hz
Input power3000W
Fume hood/ventilationRequired



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